About Us

«There are three things you can never have enough of — time, money and information! The one who succeeds is the one with access to the right information at the right time!»

OOO Upravlenie Delami-M is an information-analysis firm operating on the Russian information-services market since 2003 as part of a group of companies offering informational, analytical, technical and other services in the area of economic and information security.

Our main objective is providing our clients with top-quality services. To this end, we use cutting-edge technologies, constantly expand our range of services, and pay careful attention to the needs and preferences of our clients.

Our core business areas:

  • development and implementation of software products, organization of product loading with input data, and rendering of technical support;
  • rendering of informational and analytical services (this sector employs specially-trained analysts and experts in different fields of knowledge).

Today, we command resources that allow us to conduct a centralized search for information and then process it based on analytical studies, reports and background materials on the financial-and-economic activities of legal entities and physical persons registered in Russia and abroad.

At present, our client group includes the economic security services of enterprises operating in the fuel-and-energy complex, the transportation and communications industries, and banks, as well as law, consulting, information, security and other firms in Russia and foreign countries.

OOO Upravlenie Delami-M is a member of the Association of European Businesses in Russia and the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce (SVKK).

Our list of services encompasses:

  1. Providing clients with access to informational resources and analytical materials via the INTERNET.
  2. Preparing expert-analytical studies, reports, and summaries, and conducting periodic monitoring in the following areas: economic security, business reputation, competition, law, and economic activity. Performing market research.
  3. Rendering background-information services with respect to investigating Russian and foreign firms, as well as physical persons acting as participants in financial-and-economic relations.
  4. Rendering of detective and background-information services with respect to checking and searching for firms and individuals in the near and far abroad. Tracing debtors and their property.
  5. Providing technical support in terms of the organization and maintenance of comprehensive information security.

All of our services are rendered in strict compliance with the requirements of RF Federal Law No. 152-FZ dated 27 July 2006 «On Personal Information» and RF Federal Law No. 98-FZ dated 29 July 2004 «On Commercial Secrets.»

We stand ready to help our clients reduce their risks when conducting commercial activity in Russia and abroad!